Please use the booking link for your reservation.

Hotel/Guest house reservation

The favored reservation is made by the attendees themselves.

Please note that there are no room contingents for the listed hotels/guesthouses. You generally book according to availability and daily updated prices.

Further details (location, facilities, ...) are available from the hotel websites.

Information regarding Hospitality Tax in Dresden

The city of Dresden has been charging a hospitality tax since July 1st, 2015. More information concerning this hospitality text can be found at the Dresden City website.

According to the Statute regarding the Charging of Hospitality Tax (§7, Sec. 3), hotels are required to register the name, home address, date of birth and arrival/departure dates of guests exempt from the hospitality tax.

For bookings, attendees have to arrange an exemption (e. g. for overnight stays for professional reasons) by themselves. Detailed information can be found here.

Form: Confirmation pursuant to§2(2) of the Lodging Tax Ordinance of the City of Dresden